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Interim Management requires elasticity and trusting participation

Dear Visitor,

  • You are dissatisfied with your job situation or don’t seem to be making progress?
  • You or your colleagues have difficulties with the development, control and organization of demanding projects?
  • You need external support with the development, control and organization of diverse teams?
  • On short notice and for bridging a gap, you are looking for an experienced executive for project and business process management or for the temporary transfer of know-how in the field of Human Resource Management?
  • You are confronted with important decisions?
  • You would like to advance your leadership skills and capabilities?
  • You are looking for an experienced sparring partner, honest consultant and professional feedback?



Stefan Bornemann


My Profile

Established executive with expertise in complex restructuring projects in large businesses, corporate groups and mid-size companies, who is equally geared towards international as well as national assignments, provides interim management and executive coaching.

Former officer of the General Staff with distinctive analytical judgment, precise discernment with a view for essentials and a selected critical and honest consultant on operational as well as strategic levels. I have extensive experience leading dislodged teams, am well versed in structuring and optimizing business processes, as well as specialized in command and control systems. My focus is on the reduction of complexity, mastering of interfaces and situational leadership competency.



As interim manager, I am available to support your business’ day-to-day activities for a period of days, weeks or months and, therefore, strengthen your operations on critical levels. Within the scope of project or line management, essential disciplines covered are:

  • Multi-project Management
  • Process Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Organizational Management
  • Stakeholder Management

Value-added is achieved by focusing on bottlenecks to increase turnover while simultaneously reducing expenses as well as complexities. An integrated focus along the value chain contributes to an increase in competitive ability for clients.

As interim manager, I strive for a high-quality and high-speed multi-project management. I offer flexible and pragmatic problem solutions to bridge vacancies. Additionally, I provide an efficient and effective human resource and organizational management for the enhancement of employer attractiveness and employee satisfaction. Fast and flexible process management allows for rapid optimization of business performance that is long lasting.

I am known for approaching the implementation of leadership tasks enthusiastically, with value-orientation and sustainably. As interim manager, I offer clients goal-oriented, pragmatic and customized change and transition management within the scope of necessary business changes. Due to broad and deep experience in conflict areas, I possess a high stress resistance and pronounced perseverance.


You are welcome to contact me directly for further information.  Please use the contact form or call me directly under 0049-(0)-5257-9382777.